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Cash in Transit Insurance

For every businesses, it is important to safeguard their cash during a transit against uncertainties as it can disrupt the daily business operation and may incur losses. Thus, Cash in Transit insurance can help the businesses to protect against any loss of cash due to theft or robbery during a transit.
At AMI, we provide coverage for the loss of cash due to theft or robbery during a transit between insured’s premises and destination.


  • Cash in transit insurance indemnifies the insured against loss of money whilst in transit between the insured’s premises.
  • Provide Lump Sum benefits for loss of cash during a transit

Terms of Covers

  • Valid from departure time to arrival time at destination.

Insured Period

  • The term of the policy will be from 1 day to 1 year
  • The insured period will only cover for one trip in some situation


  • Anyone who can show valid business license and proof of cash transit


  • Premium amount may vary depending on the sum insured
  • Premium amount will be around 0.17% to 1.9% on 1,000 Kyats and must be paid by lump sum payment.
  • Premium amount will be reduced depending on the safety factor for the transit.