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September 29, 2022

Claim FAQs

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Group Life

Q: Can the employee claim after he/she resign?
Ans: No. The employee cannot claim after resignation.

Q: Does the proposer need a medical checkup process to purchase the health policy?
Ans: If the employee is the age of over 45 years or the insured amount is over 1 million Kyats, a medical checkup is required.

Q: How will the injury benefit be calculated?
Ans: The benefit calculation is based on doctor’s recommendation and/or medical certificate under the insured’s name.

Q: Is the employee’s death due to disease valid?
Ans: Yes.

Q: Does the policy cover for the outside of the worksite injury?
Ans: Yes.


Q: What is the maximum day for Hospitalization?
Ans: 60 days.

Q: Can the insured purchase the optional coverage separately?
Ans: No. The optional coverage only can be purchased based on the basic coverage.

Q: Can the insured get the OPD benefits due to maternity?
Ans: No.

Q: Can the insured get medical check-up fees from health insurance?
Ans: No.

Q : Does the medical bill need to claim OPD benefit?
Ans: Yes. The medical bill is needed for OPD benefit.

Short-term Endowment

Q: Can the insured claim the benefit due to injury?
Ans: No. The insured gets the benefits due to death or TPD (Total Permanent Disability).

Q: Can the insured get the benefit for TPD due to accident?
Ans: Yes. The insured gets the TPD (Total Permanent Disability) benefit due to accident and disease.

Q: When can the insured get the surrender value from the policy?
Ans: The surrender value will be paid after policy is in-forced.

Q: How much interest rate will be paid for the policy loan?
Ans: 8% of the interest rate per year will be paid for the policy loan.

Q: Can I repay the loan capital monthly?
Ans: No, loan capital must be paid as lump sum.

Critical Illness

1. How many units can be purchased in critical illness?
For critical illness, a minimum of 1 unit up to 25 units can be purchased.

2. How much the death benefit will be paid due to death?
MMK 1,000,000 per unit up to MMK 25,000,000 for 25 units.

3. Does the insured get the death benefit again after receiving the critical illness benefit?
No. The insured cannot get the death benefit if the critical illness benefit is already received.

4. Is there any exclusion for critical illness benefit?
If the insured has a pre-existing disease or symptoms relating to pre-existing disease, the critical illness benefit will not be paid.

5. How can the insured get the benefit for critical illness?
The benefit for critical illness will be paid as a lump sum.