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Group Life Insurance

Well-being of employees is extremely important for an organization to be successful. Organization must look after not only their employees but also their families so that employees will be motivated and resulting in higher productivity. At AMLA, we provide coverage for your employees or members of your organization against any economic loss for their families caused by death, permanent disability or injury of the insured employees. You may provide this coverage to your employees as part of the benefits to enable them to perform their duties with a peace-of-mind.

Insurance Coverage

  • Death
  • Total permanent Disability
  • Injury


  • Death/Total Permanent Disability – Total Sum Insured amount will be paid as lump sum to the beneficiary.
  • Injury due to Accident – The benefit calculation is based on doctor’s recommendation/ medical certificate under the insured’s name.

Policy term

  • Policy Term will be from 1 year


  • Group Life insurance is eligible when there are at least 5 employees
  • If the employee is the age of over 45 years or the insured amount is over 1 million Kyats, medical certificate from a qualified physician is prerequisite. The insured person shall bear the cost of medical examination required and stipulated by AYA Myanmar Life Assurance Co., Ltd.
  • Insurance period is one year and premium shall be paid at once.
  • Insurance will be effective the day the premium is fully paid.

Eligible person

  • Any person between 18 to 60 years old can get the coverage.
  • Either employer or employees themselves can buy this policy
  • Minimum Number of people for group policy: 5 members and above

Sum Insured

  • Minimum MMK 10,000 up to Maximum MMK 5,000,000


    • Premium rate will be 1% of total sum insured


  • Suicide
  • Drug abuse
  • If any employee from an insured list resigns or made redundant, he or she is not entitled to the benefits for the death and injuries afterward.
  • There shall be no compensation for the injuries resulting from the crimes committed by the employee.
  • There shall be no compensation for intentional self-inflicted injuries by the employees themselves.