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Farmer Insurance

Provide protection against economic loss due to death, total permanent disability, injury or hospitalization expenses due to accident as well as financial assistant for your future peace of mind.

Insurance Coverage

  • Death
  • Total permanent disability
  • Injury
  • Hospitalization expense due to accident


  • Death/Permanent disability- Total Sum Insured amount will be paid as lump sum to the beneficiary
  • Injury due to Accident- The benefit calculation is based on doctor’s recommendation/ medical certificate under the insured’s name.
  • Hospitalization Expense- MMK 2,000/ day for Sum Insured MMK 100,000 up to maximum 5 days and 3 times within policy term (Valid treatment for injury due to accident at hospitals/clinics registered by Ministry of Health)

Policy Term

  • 1 year


  • Farmers, their families, their relatives, their partners whose age is between 16 to 60 years old.

Sum Insured

  • Minimum MMK 100,000 up to Maximum MMK 5,000,000

Premium Calculation

  • 1 % of Sum Insured