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This insurance aims to get the subsidiaries for children in their education life and to provide coverage of education for university and coverage of children to graduate.


  • Education benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Total permanent disability
  • Premium waiver
  • Paid up value
  • Surrender value
  • Loan

Policy Term

  • The term of the policy will be from 8 years to maximum 19 years.
  • The insurer can get policy for remaining years to reach the 17 years old and can choose the policy term based on remaining years. (for example, if your child age is 10 and so you can get maximum 7 years policy term)

Medical Check-up

  • The insurer and policy holder must be able to take medical check-up if necessary, based on the insured amount of their age under our authorized clinics or hospital.

Stamp Fees

  • Stamp Fees MMK 30 for Sum Insured Amount 100,000 MMK


  • Father (or) Mother (Age between 18 to 55 years old) can buy the insurance coverage.

Insured Person

  • The age of the children between 1year and 12 years old can take this policy.

Sum Insured

  • Minimum MMK (10) Lakhs to maximum MMK (1000) Lakhs

Premium Rating

  • The premium amount is based on child’s age, sum insured amount and policy term.

Premium Term

  • The premium term will be minimum 5 years to maximum 16 years based on the insurer’s policy term.

Premium Payment Method

  • Monthly / Quarterly / Bi-annually / Annually