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Personal Accident Insurance

To protect against financial loss caused by injury, total permanent disability, death due to accident

Insurance Coverage

  • Death due to accident
  • Permanent disability
  • Injury
  • Loss of limbs
  • Not able to work
  • Hospitalization Expense


  • Death/Permanent disability – Total Sum Insured amount will be paid as lump sum to the beneficiary
  • Injury/Loss of limbs – The benefit calculation is based on the doctor’s recommendation/ medical certificate under the insured’s name
  • Hospitalization Expense/ Not able to work – 3% of Sum Insured per week up to maximum 15% of Sum Insured

Policy Term

  • The term of the policy will be from 3 months, 6 months and 1 year


  • Premium will be paid only one time.
  • Premium for risky occupations is 1% of sum insured
  • The benefit will be paid for hospitalization, injury, not able to work, loss of limbs, permanent disability, death due to accident.
  • Sum insured amount will be paid as lump sum to the beneficiary if the insured die or get total permanent disability


  • Anyone who is the age between 16 to 65 years old can take coverage for this policy

Sum Insured

  • Minimum MMK 500,000 up to maximum MMK 200 lakhs


  • For normal occupation, the premium rate is 0.7% of Sum Insured (for 1 year term) but for Military Personnel, Policemen, Aircrew, Electricians and any other risky occupations is 1% of Sum Insured.
  • For 3 months, 6 months term policies, the prorated premium amount based on full year premium