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Snake Bite Insurance

One of the deadliest cause for people who are working at the farm or in the forest is the snake bite. Thus, it is important to have an insurance plan for these unforeseen circumstances and make sure that your family tomorrows are well protected. At AMI Life, we give coverage for people who are working in places that are prone to dangers posed by poisonous snakes.


Provide benefits for death and total permanent disability due to snake bite.

  • Death and Total Permanent Disability Benefit: Lump Sum Payment according to the number of units purchased
  • Hospital & Transportation Benefit: Reimbursement for hospital and transportation expenses

Policy Terms

  • The policy term is 1 year and if there are any accidents, you need to purchase a new one.


  • Customer can buy up to 10 units of Snake Bite Insurance
  • Sum insured is ranged from 500,000 per unit to 5,000,000 for 10 units
  • Hospital & Transportation Benefits: Customer must submit the supporting documents such as medical bill, cost of the transport and etc. to enjoy these benefits


  • No age limit for Snake Bite Insurance

Sum Insured

  • Minimum MMK 500,000 for 1 unit up to maximum MMK 5,000,000 for 10 units


  • Kyats 500 for 1 unit, can buy up to maximum 10 units
  • Premium must be paid by lump sum payment