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Group Life Insurance

Q: What is Group Life Insurance?
Ans : Group Life Insurance provides coverage for employees or members of the organization against any economic loss for their families caused by death, injury of the employees.

Q: Who can purchase/ apply for Group Life Insurance?
Ans : The policy covers employees or members of the group against uncertainties of life.

Q: What are the benefits of Group Life Insurance?
Ans : Death Benefit: Lump Sum Payment (as per Sum Insured) , Payment Disability Benefit: Lump Sum payment (as per Sum Insured),Injury Benefit: Compensation according to scale of the injury

Q: Is the newly replaced employee cover for full policy term on the remaining period?
Ans : The newly replaced employee is only cover for the remaining period as per full policy term.

Q: Does it cover for the outside of work site injury? How soon can they get the benefits?
Ans : Yes, the benefit can be requested with duly filled claim request form, medical record from the hospitals after discharged within a month.

Q: Can foreigner purchase Group Life Insurance?
Ans : Foreigner living in Myanmar with employment permit age between 18 and 60 years old can purchase standard Group Life Insurance.

Q: How does the policy coverage provide for the injury?
Ans : The benefit calculation is based on doctor’s recommendation and/or medical certificate under the insured’s name.

Q: Is there any limit for number of employees to be insured?
Ans : The minimum requirement for Group Life Insurance is 5 employees and there is no maximum limit of number of employee yet.

Q: Is there claimable benefit to the employee’s death due to disease?
Ans : Yes.