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Health Insurance

Q: Does the proposer require to make medical checkup before purchasing Health Insurance?
Ans: No, the proposer only requires to disclose all material facts in the duly filled proposal form.

Q: What benefit does the insured get for death due to disease while getting treatment at the hospital?
Ans: The benefits for both hospital cash and death due to disease can be paid.

Q: Can the insured get hospital cash benefits if the hospitalization benefits in overseas?
Ans: No. You cannot get hospital cash.

Q: Can the insured get the hospital cash for visiting any Government registered Hospitals?
Ans: Yes.

Q: How can I purchase for Health Insurance?
Ans: The proposer can purchase Health Insurance with the duly filled proposal form and declare all material facts.

Q: Which diseases are included in Critical illness treatment?
Ans: First time cancer, Myocardial infract and stroke are included in Critical illness treatment.