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Group Life Insurance

Insurance Coverage

  • Death
  • Total permanent Disability
  • Injury


  • Death/Total Permanent Disability – Total Sum Insured amount will be paid as lump sum to the beneficiary.
  • Injury due to Accident – The benefit calculation is based on doctor’s recommendation/ medical certificate under the insured’s name.

Policy term

  • Policy Term will be from 1 year


  • Group Life insurance is eligible when there are at least 5 employees
  • If the employee is the age of over 45 years or the insured amount is over 1 million Kyats, medical certificate from a qualified physician is prerequisite. The insured person shall bear the cost of medical examination required and stipulated by AYA Myanmar Life Assurance Co., Ltd.
  • Insurance period is one year and premium shall be paid at once.
  • Insurance will be effective the day the premium is fully paid.

Eligible person

  • Any person between 18 to 60 years old can get the coverage.
  • Either employer or employees themselves can buy this policy
  • Minimum Number of people for group policy: 5 members and above

Sum Insured

  • Minimum MMK 10,000 up to Maximum MMK 5,000,000


    • Premium rate will be 1% of total sum insured


  • Suicide
  • Drug abuse
  • If any employee from an insured list resigns or made redundant, he or she is not entitled to the benefits for the death and injuries afterward.
  • There shall be no compensation for the injuries resulting from the crimes committed by the employee.
  • There shall be no compensation for intentional self-inflicted injuries by the employees themselves.