Sportsman Life Insurance

Every athletes want to be champion in competition. However, the unfortunates would have come across during training and competition. Thus, protect yourself with AMI Life’s Sportsman Life Insurance coverage.



  • Policy Type
    Individual policy
  • Eligibility Age
    Between 10 years to 60 years
  • Policy Term
    1 year
  • Sum Insured Amount
    Minimum MMK 1,000,000 per unit up to MMK 5,000,000 for 5 units
  • Premium
    Minimum MMK 5,000 per unit up to MMK 25,000 for 5 units
  • Additional short-term premium
    MMK 500 per unit for 7 days trip and MMK 1,000 per unit for travel period 1 month trip
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Why Should You Be Insured?


Peace of Mind

We make sure your risks are fully covered, which helps to reduce anxiety for what could happen in the future.


No additional costs for medical care

Our plan will secure the medical expenses during the policy term and which helps you only focusing on your saving.


Focusing only on recovery

The insured can only focus on training/ Competition, the expenses will be cover by our policy.

How to Claims?

The claimant can claims with the proof of document at AMI Life.

Mobile Phone – +959 940 077 773 (Ext: 3)

Email –

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