Well-being of employees is extremely important for an organization to be successful.


Health is one of the most important aspects in our life.

Short Term Endowment Life Insurance

With Short Term Endowment Life Assurance, you can get not only savings but also insurance coverage and you can get more than that your total premium payment at Maturity Benefit.

Critical Illness

Healthy lifestyle is benefit for both yourself and whole family. Both family and the love ones are depressed and prepare for cure, once one has been identified as critical medically illness conditions. Thus, product yourself with AMI Life’s Critical Illness coverage and receive the medical expenses for (10) medically critical symptoms.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Management and staff adopt an objective and positive attitude and give their utmost cooperation for the common good when dealing with the governmental authorities or regulatory bodies. We effectively use of natural resources, and to improve the quality of life by promoting corporate social responsibilities. We are proactive to the needs of the community and also assist in society related programs in line with the aspirations of the concept of a “Caring Society”.
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About US

AMI Life is dedicated to provide financial protection plans for the working- class Myanmar. Since 2013, we have been financially supporting generations of customers by creating high customer experience with easy- to-understand life insurance coverages. Through this experience oriented approach, we aims to become a leading insurer which changes the way Myanmar people feel about life insurance.

Our Vision

To earn customers' trust as the most reliable life insurance partner for their present and the future.

Our Purpose

“for better tomorrows, together with you today”

Our purpose is to provide the most suitable and easy-to-understand life insurance coverages to working-class Myanmar. We have been deeply investing in our people, our operations and our communities in order to serve our customers today as well as consistently working for better tomorrow.

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