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Personal Accident Insurance

Q: Does the proposer need to make medical checkup?
Ans : No.

Q: Can the insured get the benefit for death due to disease?
Ans : No.

Q: How can the insured get for death due to accident benefits?
Ans : Sum Insured amount will be paid as lump sum payment for death due to accident.

Q: How does the beneficiary submit the claim request for death due to accident?
Ans : The beneficiary must submit doctor’s recommendation letter, medical record, death certificate and duly filled claim request form within 2 weeks after the date of death.

Q: How does the insured make the premium payment?
Ans : Premium must be paid in one-time payment only.

Q: How can benefits the insured for hospitalization due to injury?
Ans : The insured can get 3% of Sum Insured amount per week up to maximum 15% of Sum Insured amount for hospitalization.

Q: Can the insured get the benefits for injury in overseas?
Ans : Yes.